Welcome on my website !

Manufacturer of traditional and popular flutes, set in Ariège (Midi-Pyrénées, France), I invite you to discover my creations on this website.

Made of bamboo, giant cane or black elderberry, all the different flutes models I am making are the result of years of research and experimentations. Each of these materials have been used since the dawn of time by our ancestors shepherd-musicians or troubadours, from Far East, through the Mediterranean Rim to South America. I draw in all these cultures, rich of musical tradition, to make my instruments and perpetuate the know-how as well.

Kenas, transverse flute of different scales, oblique flute (kaval), svirka, gasbas, pentatonic flutes… Some sound samples and pictures will enable you to listen to their proper vibrations and have an idea of their aesthetics.

In the tab « the fabrication », you will know how I proceed, step by step, from picking the wood to the finished flute.

And if you would like to leave the website with one or more flutes, you can buy online in the tab « online shop ». Otherwise you can make a special order, telling me any wish, requirements or remarks in the « contact » tab.

You can also come and try my creations in all the different manifestations or music festivals along the year. All the informations about the dates, places, are in the « contact » tab.

Be free to give me remarks, ideas or questions by sending me an email in the « contact » tab or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy !